When you think about summer, what will come to your mind immediately is the high temperatures and how bad your body feels when dealing with these difficulties. Sweat, faints and many other problems are constantly putting your health to the edge. There are many good things about summer, but there are also bad things which are really disastrous and when performing at work, it becomes a bigger one.

If you have to work long shifts during summer, you should hydrate yourself well, you should plan your activities carefully so you don’t end up overheating your body, and finally, you should use work gear that properly deals with high temperatures. Your body is always at work maintaining its temperature, but when heat arrives, this mechanism starts to fail because there is no way the body can cool itself.

The only chance you have to get your body temperature down is by helping it with external actions and equipment. This is where the work boots come in. When you are at work an you are exposed to high temperatures, you have to get your body’s temperature down by helping it with a great couple of work boots that are breathable, durable, protective and comfortable.


Red Wing Heritage Moc Boot

This Red Wing boot provide timeless style to anyone who buys them and they also provide a great deal of protection and comfort, while delivering great performance under hot temperatures. The uppers is made with full grain water repellent offer a waterproofing feature that is very handy in certain occasions, like when working under the rain. They also have a smooth leather lining technology that keeps away moisture so your feet don’t get sweaty and uncomfortable under hot and wet temperatures. Red Wing Boot is made in the USA work boots also deliver a great deal of comfort. The leather footbeds have a way of molding into the exact shape of your feet so you get a sense of constant pleasure, achieving a better customization with the passing of time.

KEEN Utility Flint Mid Work Boot

This great pair of boots is full with features. The Keen Patented Toe Protection has an innovative way of achieving security at the maximum level of comfort possible. It consist in the design of the outsole going around the key important parts of the feet and securing them. This allows to have a high level of weightlessness without sacrificing protection. The compression molded EVA midsole offers a cushioned sensation to the feet. Also, the removable footbed is very effective in providing customized support so the work man’s feet is constantly being sustained. If you want to find a perfectly comfortable and maybe the best hot weather work boots for summer, then you have to look no further.

Timberland PRO Expertise Hiker Steel-Toe Work Boot

This versatile Timberland’s pair of boots isloaded with features, and protection is one special focus. It has the Ever-Guard leather toe and heel that combined with the extra protection over the toes, has your back covered. The upper is made with a quality leather that is both durable and breathable making it great for hot weathers. The lining mesh which has an antimicrobial treatment is aimed to control odor and fight sweaty feet. Forget about working under hot temperatures and worrying about the moisture and sweat. Finally, I really love that these work boots are built for performance.